Session Abstract

NXP is organized in multiple Business Lines developing Linux/Android ARM based products (IMX, Layerscape, S32). Historically, each BL and even each team within BLs has developed its own test automation tool. This implied high cost and low reusability within NXP, but also difficulties to share tests with customers.
This talk will address the internal challenges NXP has faced to initiate convergence around LAVA, and will also present the solutions that were implemented.
The presentation will also cover how NXP IMX uuu (Universal Update Utility - the IMX flashing tool) support is currently being added to LAVA. Supporting uuu will enable provisioning an IMX device from scratch, rather than relying on an already flashed bootloader.

Session Speakers

Philippe Mazet

NXP IMX Software engineer - DevOps (NXP)

DevOps engineer, on IMX platforms running Linux/Android. Focusing on SW development process improvements, continuous integration, static analysis, test automation, ... with a specific focus on LAVA