Session Abstract

Android phones with Armv8.1+ features are in the market for over a year now and LCG ART team has been optimising ART compiler with Armv8.x features. However, without hardware support and proper emulator tools, it can be very challenging for both downstream develop and and upstream project (Google AOSP) to develop/debug/test our Armv8.x optimisation patches.

In this presentation, we will share our solution of integrating VIXL simulator in Android Runtime. VIXL simulator can simulate any instruction emitted by the VIXL A64 assembler on x86 and ARM platforms. It is configurable and provide debugging features like register tracing. With this simulator, our developers and upstream project (ART) owners can easily debug and test Armv8.x new features, and improve ART compiler development productivity.

We'll present:
- Some cool features of VIXL simulator.
- How to develop compiler optimisations with VIXL standalone simulator.
- Integrate VIXL simulator in ART.
- ART debugging & testing enhancements with such simulator solution.

Session Speakers

Xueliang Zhong

Tech Lead (ARM)

For over a decade, Xueliang has been working on high performance interpreters, JIT compilers and binary translation system projects. In recent years, he has been working on Android Runtime (ART) project, leading a team of engineers to optimise ART for Arm platforms.