Session Abstract

This session will present a proposed technical architecture for enabling the dynamic configuration of heterogeneous platforms. The proposal defines extensions to the software management and deployment framework defined by the Open Container Initiative (OCI). The proposed extensions enable a standards-based method for scalable configuration inclusive of acceleration elements (e.g. FPGA-based accelerators, vector processor array accelerators, and asymmetric processing accelerator/offload targets (DSP, RPU)). The proposed OCI extensions would also enable greater flexibility in runtime software deployment on target, including “secure containers” via Xen, allowing each container to run as an isolated virtual machine (VM).

This standardization of configuration information will enable OCI-compliant container daemons to have a scalable abstraction to:
(1) interpret hardware acceleration and VM components within an OCI package
(2) understand the runtime requirements
(3) configure a heterogeneous target as part of the application container deployment process

The session has two goals. The first is to provide an overview of current proposal and collaborations around creating the extensions to the OCI Image Specification. The second is to discuss progress on technical prototyping of the OCI extensions. Both the hardware accelerator aware container and Xen secure container support are under discussion as potential Linaro Big Idea (LBI) projects.

Session Speakers

Wesley Skeffington

Xilinx, Principal Engineer - Systems Design

Wes is a Principal Engineer for Xilinx, focused on systems engineering of heterogeneous platform architectures, mixed criticality, and embedded design. He joined Xilinx in 2018 after 15+ years of product design leadership in hardware, FPGA, and mixed software environments of embedded systems. Application focus has been real-time control systems for a variety of products including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), subsea controllers, and industrial control systems.