Session Abstract

The OpenAMP Linaro Community project is focusing on standardizing aspects of embedded heterogeneous software through open source technologies. OpenAMP currently has four working groups solving issues such as messaging (rpmsg and virtio), lifecycle management (remoteproc), configuration standardization (System Device Tree), application services and common interfaces for hypervisors and AMP.

This talk will give an overview of the efforts going on within OpenAMP working groups, future potential topics and discuss how you can engage.

Session Speakers

Tomas Evensen

CTO Embedded SW - Xilinx

Tomas Evensen is Chief Technology Officer, Embedded Software at Xilinx.
In this role he is responsible for the embedded software strategy for
Xilinx All Programmable SoCs. Prior to joining Xilinx, Evensen was Chief
Technology Officer at Wind River for 7 years, as well as GM for the Wind
River Tools Division and VP of Engineering for the VxWorks operating system.
Before that he was the creator of the Diab Data C/C++ compilers.
Evensen received his MSEE at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.