Session Abstract

The LISA project provides a toolkit that supports regression testing and interactive analysis of Linux kernel behavior. LISA stands for Linux Integrated/Interactive System Analysis. LISA’s goal is to help Linux kernel developers measure the impact of modifications in core parts of the kernel.
More information can be found at:
Integration with QEMU emulator allow developers to test wide variety of hardware configurations including ARM architecture and complex NUMA topologies even without ARM hardware.
Our approach helps developers to cross compile kernel, install it on pre-configured VM and test it.
Our main focus is on kernel scheduler behavior on a complex NUMA topologies and large core counts.
However, our solution is generic and can be used for other purposes.
Our project can be found at:

Session Speakers

Peter Puhov

Chief Storage Solution Architect (Futurewei Technologies, Inc.)

Chief Storage Solution Architect.
Currently engaged as a Linaro Member Engineer in the Kernel Working Group.

Robert Foley

Futurewei Technologies, Inc, Software Architect.

Storage System expert. Currently engaged as a Linaro Member Engineer in the Toolchain Working Group contributing to QEMU. Also contributing to the LISA-QEMU project.