Session Abstract

The Yocto Project has been working over the last few months on a proposal to introduce Long Term Support releases (LTS).

The upcoming YP 3.1 release, planned for April 2020, is expected to become the first Yocto Project LTS release.

This presentation will focus on the following items:
* Why the Yocto Project needed a LTS.
* How the Yocto Project LTS release will be implemented.
* What are the consequences on the Yocto Project ecosystem and what help is needed from the wider community.

Session Speakers

Nicolas Dechesne

Qualcomm Landing Team Tech Lead (Linaro)

Nicolas is working for Linaro and manages a team of developers focused on improving the state of Qualcomm chipset in upstream Linux. He maintains an OpenEmbedded BSP layer for Qualcomm chipset. When Nicolas joined Linaro he led a team of developers who designed and implemented the migration of Comcast RDK to OpenEmbedded using the best practices from the Yocto Project. Before Linaro, Nicolas worked at Texas Instruments as a software developer and manager in the OMAP organization. In 2018, Nicolas has accepted to become the Community Manager for the Yocto Project.