Session Abstract

During the Kernel Working Group (KWG) office hours, developers and maintainers can come to the KWG Developer Room to discuss merging new patches, upcoming platforms or issues that have come up with the kernel or the process. Areas include Linux kernel, power management, scheduler, Device Tree, Remoteproc/rpmsg etc.

Arnd Bergmann (Arm SoC)
Vincent Guittot (Power Management)
Ulf Hansson (Power Domains and EMMC/SD Card)
Viresh Kumar (cpufreq and OPP)
Mathieu Poirier (CoreSight and Remoteproc/rpmsg)
Mike Leach (CoreSight and openCSD)
Jean-Philippe Brucker (Iommu and dma)

Session Speakers

Ulf Hansson

Senior Kernel Engineer (Linaro)

Ulf has a very long experience of using Linux and has been contributing the Linux kernel development for many years by now. He maintains the MMC subsystem and the generic PM domain in the Linux kernel, but also spends lots of time reviewing various changes related to power management and to their corresponding frameworks.

Moreover, Ulf has a background in real-time and embedded systems. He also has an in-depth knowledge about flash memory technologies, such as NAND and NOR.

Ulf is working for Linaro and specializing in power management.

Viresh Kumar

Engineer (Linaro)

PMWG engineer with 14+ yrs of experience with Linux Kernel programming.

Arnd Bergmann

Kernel Maintainer, SoC support (Linaro Ltd)

Arnd Bergmann has been with Linaro since almost the beginning. He's worked on the kernel across many CPU architectures over his career is and currently co-maintaining the soc tree that is used for merging platform support into the kernel.