Session Abstract

Arm’s Secure Partition Client Interface Specification [1] defines the Firmware Framework of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) in A-profile processors.
Depending on the framework configuration, OP-TEE can be deployed either as a Secure Partition managed by a Secure Partition Manager (SPM) executing at secure EL2, or can serve as an SPM for S-EL0 Secure Partitions.
In this session we would like to focus on OP-TEE as SPM; have a general discussion on the goals, options and challenges of creating and porting PSA services and OP-TEE TAs as Secure Partitions.


Session Speakers

Miklos Balint

Principal Software Engineer at Arm (Arm)

Miklos is a software engineer at Arm focusing on security.
He has been working with embedded software for over 10 years in environments ranging from telecom core network nodes to server blades and IoT devices.
He is a maintainer of Trusted Firmware M open source project and has lately been involved in A-profile software architecture.

Dan Handley

Arm OSS firmware architect (Arm)

Architect for Arm's contribution to OSS firmware, especially secure firmware. Includes Trusted Firmware-A, Trusted-Firmware-M, OP-TEE, Mbed TLS, SCP, UEFI, Device Tree.