HKG15-308: Kick-start your 64-bit AOSP build engines

Speaker: Amit Pundir Date: February 11, 2015 ————————————————— ★ Session Summary ★ Starting Lollipop, Android supports building binaries for two target CPU architectures, 64bit and 32bit, in the same build (known as Multilib). For Multilib builds Lollipop introduced a new set of build variables which Android platform developers should be aware of. Amit will give a brief introduction of Multilib builds, supported build configurations, and how to do a Multilib build. ————————————————– ★ Resources ★ Pathable: Presentation: Etherpad: ————————————————— ★ Event Details ★ Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015 - #HKG15 February 9-13th, 2015 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong Airport —————————————————