HKG18-218 - Bootstrapping a LoRa Linux project

Session ID: HKG18-218 Session Name: HKG18-218 - Bootstrapping a LoRa Linux project Speaker: Stefan Schmidt Track: Networking

Session Summary

With LoRa gaining more traction in recent times and seeing LoRa gateways being based on Linux one could wonder why there is no work on integrating the LoRa layers into the Linux networking stack directly. To make use of its solid protocol stacks and constant improvements and innovations. Solutions where the data coming from LoRa is just piped in over a SLIP connection do not allow the tight integration with the tools available for Linux networking which would surely benefit a LoRa gateway. With netfilter, traffic control and eBPF just naming a few. The idea branched of the linux-wpan project to see if there is a bigger interest in having a LoRa subsystem in the Linux kernel. Some initial brainstorming has been done but without enough interest it is unclear if we should step forward with such a project. Items for discussion would include: o LPWAN on Linux o Gateway and powered node use case o PHY/MAC layer and LoRaWAN o Share code with existing subsystems where possible (link layer security with ieee802154, 6lowpan) o 1 transceiver driver already posted o A few people already showed interest, more people around here? o Project setup (vger mailing list, patchwork, github, korg tree hosting, etc) —————————————————


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hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

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Speakers: Stefan Schmidt

Speaker Positions: Open Source Software Engineer

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