HKG18-222 - Trusted Firmware M : Secure Storage

Session ID: HKG18-222 Session Name: HKG18-222 - Trusted Firmware M : Secure Storage Speaker: Ashutosh Singh Track: LITE

Session Summary

Introduction to secure storage concepts and design in TF-M. Some of the design choices and their rationale, and real use-cases to showcase how secure storage fits in the overall system. A sneak-peek into what is next.

Trusted Firmware M

In October 2017, Arm announced the vision of Platform Security Architecture (PSA) - a common framework to allow everyone in the IoT ecosystem to move forward with stronger, scalable security and greater confidence. There are three key stages to the Platform Security Architecture: Analysis, Architecture and Implementation which are described at

Trusted Firmware M, i.e. TF-M, is the Arm project to provide an open source reference implementation firmware that will conform to the PSA specification for M-Class devices. Early access to TF-M was released in December 2017 and it is being made public during Linaro Connect. The implementation should be considered a prototype until the PSA specifications reach release state and the code aligns.


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hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

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Speakers: Ashutosh Singh

Speaker Positions: Staff Software Engineer

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