Session ID: HKG18-300K2 Session Name: HKG18-300K2 - Keynote: Tomas Evensen - All Programmable SoCs? – Platforms to enable the future of Embedded Machine Learning Speaker: Tomas Evensen Track: Ecosystem Day

Session Summary

As Moore’s law is slowing down, heterogeneous architectures are needed to keep up with the increasing compute requirements emerging from industry trends such as the use machine learning across a diverse range of markets and applications. These compute requirements require custom system architectures to suit the rapidly evolving demands of emerging algorithms, standards and trends. Field Programmable hardware offers a unique capability to provide flexibility alongside advanced processor architectures to address this ever increasing multitude of applications. Development flows, programmability and flexibility are crucial to the enablement of these advancing algorithms and to enable the next generation of implementations in a world of advancing Artificial intelligence. In this session we will introduce you to an all Programmable paradigm and low cost development platform to enable an ecosystem of flexibility and unparalleled programmability. The future is now……


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hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

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Speakers: Tomas Evensen

Speaker Positions: Xilinx