HKG18-312 - CMSIS-NN

Session ID: HKG18-312 Session Name: HKG18-312 - CMSIS-NN Speaker: Rod Crawford Track: LEG

Session Summary

Deep learning algorithms are gaining popularity in IoT edge devices, because of their human-level accuracy in many applications, such as image classification and speech recognition. There is an increasing interest in deploying neural networks (NN) on always-on systems such as Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers. In this session, we introduce the challenges of deploying neural networks on microcontrollers with limited memory/compute resources and power budget. We introduce CMSIS-NN, optimized software kernels to enable deployment of neural networks on Cortex-M cores. We further present NN architecture exploration, using keyword spotting application as an example, to develop light-weight models suitable for resource constrained systems. —————————————————


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Event Details

hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

Keyword: LEG ‘’ ‘’ ————————————————— Follow us on Social Media

Speakers: Rod Crawford

Speaker Positions: SW Dude

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