Session ID: HKG18-400K2 Session Name: HKG18-400K2 - Keynote: Shane Coughlan with guest speaker Lucien Cheng-hsia Lin- Complex Made Simple: The State of Governance in Open Source Speaker: Shane Coughlan Track: Keynote

Session Summary

Clear governance, a shared understanding of process and rules, is key to the success of open source adoption at scale. Our global community represents many perspectives, many cultures and many jurisdictions. To address these we have seen the emergence of overarching principles, practical guides and effective tools that support the necessary balance of flexibility and shared trust. This talk will focus in the key open source solutions that address real world challenges. It will highlight a stack of solutions that includes OpenChain, SPDX, Reuse.Software, FOSSology, ScanCode, sw360 and QuarterMaster and explain how they work together from meta level (e.g OpenChain standard) to practical process implementation (e.g QuarterMaster CI/CD).

For the last 10 minutes of Shane’s keynote, Lucien Cheng-hsia Lin will discuss License Compliance in Asia.


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Event Details

hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

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Speakers: Shane Coughlan

Speaker Positions: OpenChain Project Director