Session ID: HKG18-403 Session Name: HKG18-403 - Introducing OpenOCD: Status of OpenOCD on AArch64 Speaker: Omair Javaid Track: Tools

Session Summary

This session provides an introduction of OpenOCD. OpenOCD (Open On-Chip Debugger) is open-source software that interfaces with a hardware debugger’s JTAG port. Linaro has been assisting with adding support for debugging AArch64 targets with OpenOCD. This presentation will cover updates on what we have been upto and status of what we have achieved in past few months. We ll show you JTAG OpenOCD - GDB debug demo of an application running on Hikey board. —————————————————


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hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

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Speakers: Omair Javaid

Speaker Positions: Engineer