HKG18-417 - OpenCL support by NNVM & TVM

Session ID: HKG18-417 Session Name: HKG18-417 - OpenCL support by NNVM & TVM Speaker: Jammy Zhou Track: AI/ML

Session Summary

To use mobile GPU to accelerate deep learning inference on Arm platforms in device side, OpenCL support seems a proper and promising fit. NNVM is an open compiler for AI frameworks with graph IR implementation, and TVM is an open source end-to-end Tensor IR/DSL stack. NNVM together with TVM provides a flexible architecture to support different frameworks and backends. OpenCL is one of the supported backends by NNVM & TVM now, the latest status and some how-tos will be discussed in this session. —————————————————


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Event Details

hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

Keyword: AI/ML ‘’ ‘’ ————————————————— Follow us on Social Media

Speakers: Jammy Zhou

Speaker Positions: Solution Director

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