HKG18-503 - My code is being hacked!

Session ID: HKG18-503 Session Name: HKG18-503 - My code is being hacked! Speaker: Joakim Bech,Ard Biesheuvel Track: Enterprise, Security

Session Summary

We often hear that you should not invent your own crypto. In this talk we are giving an overview of what lies behind that statement by looking at some examples well known by people working with software security. In 25 minutes we will give a brief introduction to why it is so hard to write software being robust against various software and hardware attacks.


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Event Details

hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

Keyword: Enterprise, Security ‘’ ‘’

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Speakers: Joakim Bech,Ard Biesheuvel

Speaker Positions: Principal Engineer,Chief Firmware Poet

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