HKG18-510 - Zun - OpenStack Container Management Service

Session ID: HKG18-510 Session Name: HKG18-510 - Zun - OpenStack Container Management Service Speaker: Kevin Zhao Track: Enterprise

Session Summary

OpenStack is the number 1 private cloud Open Source project and Container technology is the heart of micro service. Zun is the Container Management service in OpenStack, supporting multi-arch including both AArch64 and X86, which provides the foundation of running container as a service in private cloud. We’ve introduced the Capsule (the cabins) as a container group that allows all the containers within the group to share the same resources, so that the capsule can be scheduled as a co-work unit, improving the flexibility of running container in cloud - flying cabins in the cloud. I will introduce the container capsule design, basic work process and why it is an important project for AArch64 in data center, I’ll also make a comparison between Zun and other container technology. The take away for audience: they will understand some key cloud computing and container orchestration technologies and get a deep understanding about the micro service backend, cloud computing framework and prototype structure, and why they are critical for Arm in the cloud computing domain.


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hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

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Speakers: Kevin Zhao

Speaker Positions: Software Engineer, OpenStack Zun Core Reviewer

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