HKG18-TR14 - Postmortem Debugging with Coresight

Session ID: HKG18-TR14 Session Name: HKG18-TR14 - Postmortem Debugging with Coresight Speaker: Leo Yan Track: Training

Session Summary

For most cases we can easily debug with kernel’s oops dumping info, but sometimes we need to know more information for program execution flow before the issue happens. So we can rely on two tracing methods to reproduce the program execution flow, one method is using software tracing which is kernel’s pstore method; another method is to rely on Coresight hardware tracing, this method also can avoid extra workload introduced by tracing itself. Coresight has provided two mechanisms for Postmortem debugging, one method is Coresight CPU debug module so we can extract CPU program counter info, this is quite straightforward to debug CPU lockup issue; Another is Coresight panic kdump, we connect kernel kdump mechanism to extract Coresight tracing data so we can reproduce the last execution flow before panic (even hang issue with some tweaking in kernel). This session wants to go through these topics and demonstrate the debugging tools on 96boards Hikey in 25 minutes session. —————————————————


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Event Details

hkg18 19-23 March 2018 Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

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Speakers: Leo Yan

Speaker Positions: Software Engineer

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