LAS16-309: Server Ecosystem: Xen on Arm, from Big Iron to IoT & LuaJIT status on Aarch64

LAS16-309: Server Ecosystem: Xen on Arm, from Big Iron to IoT & LuaJIT status on Aarch64 Speakers: Ryan Arnold, Steve Capper, Julien Grall, Zheng Xu Date: September 28, 2016

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★ Session Description ★ Abstract Xen on Arm: The Xen port is exploiting this set of new hardware capabilities to run guest VMs in the most efficient way possible while keeping Arm specific changes to Xen and Linux to a minimum. Arm virtualization is set to be increasingly relevant for the embedded industry in the coming years. Whilst Xen is best known as the technology powering the biggest clouds in the industry, it also a great fit for automotive deployments and mobile devices that can fit in your pocket. The talk will give concrete examples of the ways Xen can add value to your platforms, not only by providing an excellent general purpose virtualization solution, but also by providing simple, yet effective ways to partition the platform into different security domains. This presentation will include a brief overview of the Xen on Arm architecture, covering the key design principles employed. The techniques pioneered during the Arm port that allowed the Xen community to remove many legacy components from the Xen code base, streamlining both the Arm and x86 implementations. The talk will conclude explaining how to port Xen to any new Arm boards with the least amount of effort.

Abstract LuaJIT: Lua is a scripting language commonly embedded by web front-ends. Enabling Lua JIT compilation can reduce CPU usage when handling huge amounts of network traffic. This year Linaro (and others) started to work on porting LuaJIT to AArch64. Though the work is not finished we have made good progress. This presentation will briefly introduce LuaJIT, discuss the technical challenges of porting to AArch64, and address the progress of the porting effort and the next steps.

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★ Event Details ★ Linaro Connect Las Vegas 2016 – #LAS16 September 26-30, 2016

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