LCU14-211: LAVA Use Cases: SW testing &  Reproducing a LAVA failures locally using CARE

Speaker: Remi Duraffort Track: LAVA Location: Grand Peninsula C, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA, United States —————————————————

★ Session Summary ★ In this session, Remi, an ST assignee, will review how he is using LAVA within ST  to perform PRoot (an ST opensource project) testing and some of the extensions he has created for artifact publishing and reporducing LAVA failures using CARE (an extension to PRoot). —————————————————

★ Resources ★ Zerista: Google Event:  Presentation:  Video:  Eatherpad: —————————————————

★ Event Details ★ Linaro Connect USA - #LCU14 September 15-19th, 2014 Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport —————————————————