LCU14-504: Taming Armv8 NEON: from theory to benchmark results

Speaker: Kevin Petit Track: Android Location: Grand Peninsula D, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA, United States —————————————————

★ Session Summary ★ Making NEON shine simply requires following a few tips. In this presentation, I’ll first introduce NEON and do a comparison between Armv8 and Armv7 NEON before we explore the key factors to a successful use of NEON. I’ll present work I’ve done on the Skia graphics library (used in Chromium, Firefox, Android) and share a number of tips. —————————————————

★ Resources ★ Zerista: Google Event:  Presentation:  Video:  Eatherpad: —————————————————

★ Event Details ★ Linaro Connect USA - #LCU14 September 15-19th, 2014 Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport —————————————————