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    Rust is a modern programming language designed from its inception to solve whole classes of problems that contribute to safety and security vulnerabilities. That, without sacrificing expressiveness, programmer convenience, performance and inter-operability with legacy code.

    Today Rust is rapidly turning into the first choice for developing code intended to run in high performance, concurrent and safety critical environments. This is happening at all layers of the software stack including firmware, TEEs, OS kernels, web frameworks, the lot with contributions from all the usual (big) suspect organisations.

    The story of the inception, design, development, evolution and uptake of Rust is a very interesting tale that sheds light on the real problems facing programming in the large in the face of today's safety and security landscape.

    In this joint talk by Florian Gilcher (from Ferrous Systems and a member of the Rust language core team) and Robin Randhawa (from Arm, a long time friend of Linaro who focuses on the intersection of open source and safety) the audience will learn about the motivations and history of Rust, how it manages to do what it does and the plans for making Arm support in Rust be best in class.

    Session Speakers

    Robin Randhawa

    Technical Director (Arm)

    Robin works for Arm and dabbles in operating system stacks and systems programming languages.<br><br>Robin is a part of Arm\'s system software architecture team at Cambridge, UK.<br><br>His primary focus is open source software used in safety critical domains. He spends his time working with system software and hardware designers to find ways in which Arm\'s safety conscious partners can benefit from open source software.

    Florian Gilcher

    Managing Director (Ferrous Systems)

    Florian works for Ferrous Systems and has been closely involved with the evolution of Rust in his capacity as a Rust Language Core Team Observer and a member of the Governance working group.<br><br>Florian is a noted Rust evangelist and his lectures included in most major Rust events around the world are very popular. He regularly runs training workshops on Rust.<br><br>As a part of Ferrous Systems he works with key embedded Rust projects running on Arm silicon.