LVC20-100K1 Opening Keynote by Li Gong Linaro CEO

Session Abstract

Opening Keynote, Li Gong, Linaro CEO

The prepared presentation in PDF has just been uploaded and viewable by attendees.

However, this deck is primarily for reference, especially for people who are not familiar with Linaro.

My talk will be more free form ... :-)

Session Speakers

Li Gong

CEO (Linaro)

Li Gong is CEO of Linaro Limited. He is a globally experienced technologist and executive, with deep background in computer science, research and product development, and open source technologies. He has worked in senior leadership roles extensively in the US and in Asia, having served as President and COO at Mozilla Corporation, General Manager at Microsoft, as well as Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems and Distinguished Scientist at SRI International. He graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing, and received a PhD from University of Cambridge. In 1994 he received the Leonard G. Abraham Prize given by the IEEE Communications Society for “the most significant contribution to technical literature in the field of interest of the IEEE.”

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