LVC20-100K2 KEYNOTE: Why standardisation on the Edge is critical for success

Session Abstract

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Abstract: The cloud and data centre industry is extremely standardised. You can buy any commercial off the shelf server and expect your choice of operating system or variant of Linux to just work. Why isn't this the case for so many of the device edge and IoT devices? We need the same SBSA/SBBR standards and numerous others for provisioning and device management to ensure real success on the device edge in deployment, life cycle management and security or else we will fail!

Session Speakers

Peter Robinson

Principal IoT Architect @ Red Hat (Red Hat)

Peter is the lead architect for device edge and IoT at Red Hat. He's focused on industry standardisation and generally trying to improve the IoT space. He's actively involved in the wider Fedora Linux and arm ecosystems. In his spare time he likes to cook and trying to work out how to apply IoT to agriculture on his family's farm in Australia.

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