LVC20-103 Compliance Testing for Edge and IoT

Session Abstract

Arm ServerReady has been instrumental to making Arm servers a consistent and reliable platform for OS vendors and end-users. By providing testing tools and a certification program ServerReady gave hardware vendors the tools they need to create products that just work with enterprise OSes.

In the embedded Linux ecosystem, firmware projects are adopting some of the same interfaces that are already standard on Arm servers, such as UEFI, Secure Boot, Capsule Update, and TPM. Using the same interfaces reduces the engineering required to provision and manage embedded devices by leveraging the same tooling and making the platform interface consistent.

However, unlike in the server space with ServerReady, there isn't a compliance test program for embedded platforms, which makes it difficult to know how well a given platform implements the standard interfaces. In this presentation, we'll explore what testing is available for embedded platforms and what could be provided as tooling for embedded platform compliance.

Session Speakers

Grant Likely

Senior Technical Director (Arm)

Grant is a software architect in Arm ATG

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