LVC20-104 On the edge of the real world. An introduction.

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    Raspberry Pis have been there like forever, and have sold like hot cakes for 8 years now. Lots of people have done very ambitious projects (self driving robot, anyone?), and new ideas and projects surface everyday. Be it building a supercomputer by stacking lots of SBCs, a bitcoin miner, a brewery system, home automation, a weather station or any crazy idea, the only limit seems to be your imagination.

    Of course, these little beasts can also be used as servers. For years, Docker has been used only on big servers, but after ported Docker to the Arm processor, everything changed.

    Pretty cool to be able to run Docker on that kind of mini machines, but what kind of service could you run on Docker with so little memory? Lots of things in fact…

    And what if you could get the best of both worlds? What could you do with a machine able to interact with hardware (🌡️, 📹 , 🚦) thanks to Docker? Could you transform your Raspberry Pi into an edge computing node, an IoT on steroids 💪 or anything in between?

    Session Speakers

    Bruno Verachten 🍰

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