LVC20-105 Linaro Developer Cloud Update

Session Abstract

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Linaro Developer Cloud is the Arm64 based open source cloud and has engaged deeply with multiple open source community. Now LDC can support not only the virtual machine but also the Kubernetes service for multiple users.
In this presentation, we will talk about the structure of Linaro Developer Cloud now and the bare metal as a service. With bare mental support, the Linaro Colo can be refined to improve resource utilization, as well as offer the hardware resilient for the different communities as the extendable arm64 backend CI pools.

Session Speakers

Xinliang Liu

Senior Software Engineer (Linaro)

Have been working on arm64 server infra softwares for 7+ years. Such as linux kernel, distros, OpenStack, k8s etc. Now working on OpenStack & k8s integration project magnum.

Kevin Zhao

Tech Lead, Linaro - LDCG - devops (Linaro)

Kevin Zhao is currently the tech lead at Linaro Developer Cloud. Now, he is serving as the Core Reviewer for OpenStack Zun project and maintainer for virtual-kubelet OpenStack provider. He is also an active contributor in Kolla and Nova, mainly focusing on making OpenStack work fine on AArch64. His expertise including container and Kubernetes related technologies, deployment and management of containerized applications, etc.

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