LVC20-108 Arm64 Linux Kernel Architecture update

Session Abstract

An overview of the latest status of Armv8-A architecture enablement for the arm64 Linux Kernel, including security features (Pointer Authentication, BTI, Memory Tagging), system features (MPAM) and new areas of investigation.

Session Speakers

Matteo Carlini

Co-Chair, & Director, Software Technology Management, Arm (Arm)

Matteo is Director of Software Technology Management at Arm and serves as Chairman of the Board for Trusted Firmware . He drives Arm's community effort into various open source projects, focusing on security architectures, firmware & kernel interfaces, platform security requirements and ecosystem enablement. In a previous life, he spent many years managing and working on embedded software developments for networking and automotive devices across various companies, where firmware meant BSPs and lot of proprietary headache.

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