LVC20-111 Boost storage performance using SPDK on Arm

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    Arm servers, an important player in data center technology, are well suited for storage workloads. It's critical to explore techniques to improve storage performance on Arm servers. This session shares practices to boost storage IO performance on Arm servers with SPDK, which get extremely high performance with techniques of running at user level, Poll Mode Drivers (PMDs) and shared-nothing design.
    We have done much work to dig what SPDK brings for Arm servers, including using SPDK NVMe-over-RDMA to access remote NVMe devices, using SPDK OCF to enhance the low speed devices and SPDK Vhost to improve the IOs of virtual machines. And we collect many exciting profiling data to share. Besides, optimization has been made in base64, CRC and atomic operations utilizing Arm hardware features, which are also meaningful to other projects optimization on Arm.

    Session Speakers

    Richael Zhuang

    Arm China, software engineer (Arm)

    Richael is software engineer from Arm. She has strong expertise in cloud storage technology, covering NVMe-oF, kernel, distribute storage system and solutions.<br /> Richael has rich experience in workloads profiling, tuning and optimization on Arm. As an active contributor to open source community, Richael is now focusing on SPDK and Ceph projects.

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