LVC20-112 PSA Secure Partitions in OP-TEE

Session Abstract

Arm® Firmware Framework for Armv8-A [1] describes a software architecture and interfaces that standardize isolation and communication between the various software components.
Depending on the framework configuration, OP-TEE can be deployed either as a Secure-EL1 Secure Partition managed by a Secure Partition Manager (SPM) executing at secure EL2, or can serve as an SPM for S-EL0 Secure Partitions.
In this session, we'll focus on the potential use cases for S-EL0 partitions, such as a basic set of Platform Security services (Crypto, Storage and Attestation), Standalone MM, or an existing set of TAs, managed by OP-TEE as the partition manager core.
We'll cover the design considerations and implementation choices made for an initial prototype, some of the challenges encountered and the status of the work in progress to support multiple types of partitions within a single standard framework in OP-TEE.


Session Speakers

Miklos Balint

Principal Software Engineer (Arm)

Miklos is a software engineer at Arm focusing on security.<br /> He has been working with embedded software for over 10 years in environments ranging from telecom core network nodes to server blades and IoT devices.<br /> He is a maintainer of Trusted Firmware M open source project and has lately been involved in A-profile software architecture.

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