LVC20-115 Performance Benchmarking and Tuning for Container Networking on Arm

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    Arm ecosystem is becoming much more popular in cloud native applications than ever before with its increasing wide use. Arm devotes to be a cloud native vendor and puts much resources to enable related projects on its platform. Container networking is the key to high performance connection for cloud native computing and there are a number of Container Networking Interface(CNI) solutions, such as Flannel, Calico, etc.
    In the presentation, we would like present our recent work result on the performance benchmarking and tuning on various CNIs of arm:
    1. High performance evaluation environment and tools used for benchmarking;
    2. Networking models used by CNIs which actually affect the final result;
    3. Benchmarking metrics(IP, TCP/UDP, HTTP) and results of the various CNIs on arm
    4. Comparison between CNIs and analysis to the bottleneck factors with the graph
    5. Our performance tuning to them and their improvements
    from the Linux system and usage model aspects

    Session Speakers

    Trevor Tao

    Staff Software Engineer (Arm Ltd)

    Zijin Tao is a Ph.D in Computer Networking, who has worked in this area for more than 15 years. He has worked as a network engineer in research institute of university for more than 10 years. Then he worked in IBM for almost 5 years for SDN and Cloud Networking. <br /> Now he is working in Arm as an Staff Software Engineer, mainly on networking infrastructure open source projects.<br /> Zijin Tao has filed more than 10 patents and papers in Computer Networking.

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