LVC20-116 A Contributor's Guide to Parsec

Session Abstract

Parsec is the Platform Abstraction for Security, an open-source initiative that aims to create simple, standardised, ergonomic software interfaces for interacting with hardware-backed security features on any platform in any programming language. Parsec has now been accepted by the Cloud Native Compute Foundation as a sandbox project, which makes this the ideal time to learn how to contribute - and there is plenty to do! This developer-focused session will provide an overview of the Parsec architecture and its long-term vision, along with a guided tour of the code base, and some pointers for getting started.

Session Speakers

Paul Howard

Principal System Solutions Architect (Arm)

Paul has been a solutions architect at Arm since November 2018, having previously held software engineering positions at companies including Citrix and Global Graphics. He is a graduate of Aston University and is currently based in Cambridge, UK. Paul is a maintainer of the Parsec project and acts as a technical lead for Arm's contributions to it. When not working, Paul is passionate about music, and is a keen composer/arranger in his spare time. He lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife and daughter.

Hugues de Valon

Senior Software Engineer (Arm)

Hugues is a Senior Software Engineer at Arm. Hugues started Software very low down the stack, writing drivers and firmware for microcontrollers. Thinking that safer languages are the future of Systems Programming, he has worked on improving the support of Rust on some Arm architecture profiles.<br /> Now working way higher up in the stack but keeping the Rust theme around for new exciting, security-related, projects!

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