LVC20-117 Everything you want to know about live migration on Arm64 Cloud

Session Abstract

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Currently, one big gap between Arm64 and X86 cloud platforms is that X86 can provide a much better instance migration experience than the Arm64 platform. CPU comparison and CPU model capabilities have provided Arm64 VM with the ability to live migration among different hardware vendors. This function is the essential function of the data center. From the cloud management framework, we also need to consider the realization of supporting VM live migration.

In this session, we will talk about what we have done in the most widely used virtualization management tool - Libvirt to provide better live migration capabilities on Arm64 platform and also some details in the newest lightweight cloud management project such as Kubevirt.

With live migration support on Arm64, it can finally benefit the cloud ecosystem for large scale datacenter scenarios which may use different Arm64 CPU architectures and vendors.

Session Speakers

Zhenyu Zheng

Senior Software Engineer - Huawei Technology (Huawei Technology)

Senior Software Engineer from OpenSource Ecosystem Dept. Huawei Technology

Kevin Zhao

Tech Lead, Linaro - LDCG - devops (Linaro)

Kevin Zhao is currently the tech lead at Linaro Developer Cloud. Now, he is serving as the Core Reviewer for OpenStack Zun project and maintainer for virtual-kubelet OpenStack provider. He is also an active contributor in Kolla and Nova, mainly focusing on making OpenStack work fine on AArch64. His expertise including container and Kubernetes related technologies, deployment and management of containerized applications, etc.

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