LVC20-118 SCMI server in TEE

Session Abstract

The System Control and Management Interface (SCMI) is a set of operating system-independent software interfaces that have been originally specified to standardize the interface between Application Processors and the power coprocessor. But there are situations where we can't rely on such a power coprocessor. In such a case, the SCMI server has to run a secured partition like OP-TEE. This presentation will describe the status of our PoC of a SCMI server
running as an OP-TEE TA. We will present the design, what is already available, the next features to be added and also how this could be extended to other UCs.

Session Speakers

Vincent Guittot

Linaro (Linaro)

Vincent has worked on developing drivers for various peripherals and coprocessors in mobile phones during 12 years. In 2005, he began to focus on mobile phones that ran Linux then Android and spent the last years of this period to optimize the power consumption of android platforms. As a member of the Linaro power management working group, he works on improving the energy efficiency of embedded system but not only with special interest for scheduler.

Etienne Carriere

SW engineer (ST)

Etienne Carrière is an embedded software engineer at STMicroelectronics currently assigned to the Linaro Security Working Group. He is working on boot and kernel layers on Linux based embedded systems since the beginning of the century and is involved in the OP-TEE project since 2013.

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