LVC20-121 kubevirt on Arm64

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    KubeVirt is a virtual machine management add-on for Kubernetes. The aim is to provide a common ground for virtualization solutions on top of Kubernetes.
    KubeVirt allows VMs to be run and managed as pods inside a Kubernetes cluster. It's much like the openstack.
    I believe that kubevirt can be well integrated with the arm's ecology, which is extremely advantageous in certain specific scenarios, such as Android, Automotive field...

    This presentation will show our work of enabling kubevirt on Arm and our plan for it.
    It also describes some specific features in kubevirt.
    Major features of kubevirt on Arm64 including:
    1, basic features 2, sidecar, 3, migration 4, device-plugin ...

    Session Speakers

    Zhang Howard

    software engineer, ARM

    focus on container, K8S, virtulization on ARM64

    Bin Lu

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