LVC20-200K KEYNOTE: Respect! (R-E-S-P-E-C-T!)

Session Abstract

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Free, open source software is mainly founded on legal tools, like copyright, licenses. From a lawyer's perspective, that means "compliance". But I want to extend the concept of compliance, by outlining that complying with the rules means *respect* for other people's work and interest. With the paradigm shifting, with more and more workloads happening on the cloud, this is all the more a crucial point, needing respect, besides compliance.

Session Speakers

Carlo Piana

Partner (Array)

Lawyer, with 25 years' experience in IT, Carlo has been involved in top class actions and litigation revolving around free and open source. Has been for more than 10 years General Counsel (external) to the Free Software Foundation Europe. Now he's serving in the IP&Open Source Advisory team at UNTIL (UN Initiative), is a partner of Open Chain, and a member of the legal team of the FSFE, as well as of the Legal Network (world largest, non partizan forum discussing Free and open source software).

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