LVC20-200K2 KEYNOTE (Part 2): Developing Rhea, the SiPearl European High-Performance Processor

Session Abstract

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SiPearl was founded in 2019 as the production hand of the European Processor Initiative. Now at 22 employees, we are growing fast to deploy our first generation processor, Rhea, as the cornerstone of European Exascale systems. In this talk we provide an overview of SiPearl and our objectives and discuss some of the top-level architecture choices and KPI to address our target markets. A fundamental for the selection of Arm is the server software and partner ecosystem that has grown steadily over the years thanks to the user community with the help of organizations such as Linaro.

Session Speakers


VP Marketing & Business Development (SiPearl)

Craig joined SiPearl in May 2020 as VP Marketing and Business Development. Before moving to SiPearl, Craig was Marketing Director for Marvell Semiconductor’s Server Processor Business Unit in Santa Clara, California. His 20+ years in the Semiconductor industry include sales, marketing, and technical roles with Cavium, AppliedMicro (AMCC), Lockheed-Martin, and Unisys.  Craig holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and an MS in Electrical Engineering from San Diego State University.

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