LVC20-201 Boot-Time Tracing With Extra Boot Config

Session Abstract

Boot-time tracing is one of the latest Linux kernel tracing proposal, which allows us to trace kernel booting with full tracing features, like per-event filters and triggers, histograms, instances, dynamic-events etc. Along with the boot-time tracing the kernel command-line interface is also expanded by Extra Boot Config (XBC) so that user can specify complex boot-time settings with structured-key value configuration file.
This talk will show you what the boot-time tracing and the extra boot config provide, the advantages and how you can use it for your boot-time features.

Session Speakers

Masami Hiramatsu

Tech Lead (Linaro Ltd.)

Masami Hiramatsu is working for Linaro. He is a maintainer of kprobes and related kernel tracing features in Linux. Recently he introduced bootconfig for Linux to expand kernel boot parameters and boot time tracing features.

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