LVC20-205 Running ACS on Arm's Neoverse Reference Design Platforms

Session Abstract

The Arm ServerReady compliance program provides a solution to ensure that the Arm servers comply to standards at both hardware and firmware interface. The Arm’s Server Architectural Compliance Suite (ACS) is such a solution and covers the compliance validation for hardware requirements (SBSA) and firmware requirements (SBBR).

This presentation talks about running ACS on Arm servers with specific focus on experiences of running ACS on Arm’s Neoverse Reference Design (RD) platforms. Key takeaways for audience include short introduction of SBSA and SBBR test cases, procedures of running ACS, important aspects at the platform software level for SBSA and SBBR compliance and ACS test results for Arm’s Neoverse RD platforms. This session acts as a quick start guide for running ACS on an Arm platform and uses Arm’s Neoverse Reference Design (RD) platform as an example.

Session Speakers

Pranav Madhu

Software Engineer (Arm)

Pranav is a Software Engineer in the Open Source Software group at Arm. He works on platform software development for Arm's Neoverse enterprise reference platforms. His main focus has been on ServerReady compliance and enabling power management functionality for Neoverse platforms.

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