LVC20-206 Journey of EBBR compliance and NXP devices

Session Abstract

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The Embedded Base Boot Requirements(EBBR) specification defines requirements for embedded systems to enable inter-operability between SoCs, hardware platforms, firmware implementations, and operating system distributions. EBBR is targeted at making operating system/distros agnostic to platform. Same operating system image should run on any hardware with a well-defined firmware interface which is EBBR compliant.

There has been a significant work going on in U-boot with regards to EBBR in the open-source community. Various features like bootefi are already available with many other features in queue.

This presentation aims at explaining how EBBR specifications gets mapped to NXP platforms and demonstrating EBBR compliance for NXP platform. The reference boot-architecture will be based on TFA, u-boot, device-trees, Linux and OPTEE (for secure uefi flow). This will demonstrate distros like SUSE running on NXP SoCs using bootefi command, secure uefi flow, etc

Also efforts are going to ensure that the U-boot is EBBR compliant by running FWTS, SCT for EBBR. The idea is to make the u-boot feature complete and can be demonstrated as EBBR compliance on NXP devices.

Session Speakers

Poonam Aggrwal

Technical Software manager (NXP Semiconductor Noida)

I am computer Science Engineering graduate with almost 18 years of continuous experience in Embedded systems, Linux BSP, Unix, operating system internals, device drivers, boot loaders, Flash, DDR, Ethernet, SATA, USB, wireless, networking, etc, and open source software. Very good hold on PowerPC and ARM architectures. Representing NXP in various open source projects of ARM ecosystem, distros and CIs like Linaro(LSK), Preempt RT, Yocto, SUSE..<br><br>I have been involved in various bring up, BSP code development and open source up-streaming of these BSPs for various NXP SoCs of QorIQ, Qonverge and Layerscape series. This includes MPC8323, MPC8360, P1020, P1010, P2020, BSC9131, BSC9132, B4860, T1040, LS2088A, LS1012A, LS1088A for u-boot and Linux. I have been working as software IP owner for various areas like TDM, ethernet, DDR, Flash controller, heterogenous systems, multicore, AMP, etc.<br><br>Currently playing the role of System Software architect which involves SoC feasibility and laying out the BSP software architecture for the NXP devices for wireless, networking and IoT use cases. Key areas include Platform software, u-boot, linux and device drivers.

Priyanka Jain

Embedded Software Engineer (NXP)

Around 15 years of experience of working on embedded software : C-programming, BSP, u-boot, Linux, Enablement of Real-time solutions, various device drivers, u-boot custodian fsl-qoriq, mpc85xx maintainer<br><br>

Ilias Apalodimas

Tech Lead (Linaro)

Linux kernel developer with a taste for networking and performance

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