LVC20-207 Innovation Drives the Future of openEuler

Session Abstract

Chat live with the speaker of LVC20-207 during the scheduled broadcast time here:

OpenEuler is an open source, free Linux distribution platform. The platform provides an open community for global developers to build an open, diversified, and architecture-inclusive software ecosystem. OpenEuler is also an innovative platform that encourages everyone to propose new ideas, explore new approaches, and practice new solutions. The openEuler project will launch the 20.09 version in September 2020 includes a many new features. Dr Xiong Wei will introduce the new virtualization implementation platform, the new features in the iSula which is a container engine comply Open Container Initiative specification, a new project base OpenJDK and so on.

Session Speakers

Dr Wei Xiong

OS architect (Huawei)

Xiong Wei, joined Huawei in 2014, is now the 2012 laboratory Central Software Institute server operating system chief architect, openEuler technical committee member; Nankai University, doctor of engineering, in TurboLinux, WindRiver and other companies as R & D person in charge, has a long time OS, underlying software experience and technology accumulation; on the processor, architecture, OS, containers, etc. has a broad technical vision, initially established the Kunpeng basic software stack server OS, container engine and other infrastructure of the platform system of self-research.

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