LVC20-208 Arm NN - New features in 19.11 to 20.05 release

Session Abstract

Arm NN is an accelerated inference engine for Arm CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs.
It executes ML algorithms on-device in order to make predictions based on input data.
Arm NN enables efficient translation of existing neural network frameworks, such as TensorFlow Lite,
TensorFlow, ONNX, and Caffe, allowing them to run efficiently and without modification across Arm Cortex-A CPUs,
Mali GPUs, and Ethos-N NPUs. This presentation will provide details of the new features that have been added to Arm NN from the 19.11 to 20.05 release.

Session Speakers

Kevin May

Arm NN Software Enginneer (Arm)

Software Engineer who has been working on the Arm NN team since 2018.

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