LVC20-213 Scalable Security Using Trusted Firmware-M Profiles

Session Abstract

Security is a major concern for IoT deployments. Platform Security Architecture (PSA) provides a framework for building secure IoT devices. Trusted Firmware-M is the PSA Open Source Reference Implementation aligning with PSA certified guidelines addressing common IoT threats. TF-M creates a Secure Processing Environment providing a set of Secure Services including Secure boot flow on Cortex-M CPUs that is widely used in IoT devices.

There is a dramatic variation in IoT usecases varying from smart home bulbs, thermostats, personal health monitors to sensors deployed in critical urban infrastructure and factories. These devices have different security requirements due to the difference in assets and trust associated with them. Deploying and Maintaining Security in these devices over its lifetime involves cost including memory and performance consumption of these devices. Therefore, it is important for TF-M to provide different configurations to satisfy security requirements of these different classes of IoT devices.

TF-M Profile provides Small, Medium and Large configurations with increasing level of Security functionality allowing device manufacturers to choose (and further customize if required) a profile based on Threat Model and Security Analysis of their usecase. Profile Small. Medium and Large configurations will be supported in TF-M Project and therefore deployable on a variety of Cortex-M based Silicon platforms.

The session will provide an overview of how Trusted Firmware-M makes it easier for IoT Application developers to enable Security on their devices. The session will cover the need for TF-M Profiles and features included in each Profile.

The session will demonstrate how Profile Small (aimed at memory and performance constrained devices) can be used to create a Secure device meeting the requirements for PSA Certified Level1 and connect securely with other devices.

Session Speakers

David Wang

Senior Software Engineering Manager (Arm China)

Software Engineering Manager of Arm Open Source Firmware team. Taking care of Trusted Firmware-M development - Feature development and ecosystem enablement.

Shebu Varghese Kuriakose

Co-Chair, & Director, Software Technology Management, Arm (Arm)

Shebu is the Technology Manager of Trusted Firmware-M (Open Source Reference Implementation of Platform Security Architecture). Mbed TLS (Open SOurce TLS Library) and the co-chair of the Open Governance community project Shebu represents Arm in the Linaro IoT and Embedded (LITE) Group. As part of Arm’s Open Source Software group, Shebu has been involved in various Open Source projects that Arm is part of.

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