LVC20-214 Arm Architecture 2020 Extensions

Session Abstract

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The Arm Architecture is continually evolving to meet the needs of our ecosystem partners. Arm, Linaro, and the wider ecosystem build on the foundations of the Architecture, creating a rich and varied range of products along with associated Firmware and Software, driving the technology of the future.

This talk will introduce the 2020 extensions to the A profile architecture, ahead of the release of the updated register and instruction set XML. It will discuss the software enablement that has been going on, and the future development needs of the wider ecosystem, to ensure that software is available when physical products are delivered.

Session Speakers

Martin Weidmann

Arm, Director of Product Management (Arm LTD)

Martin Weidmann is Director of Product Management in Arm’s Architecture and Technology Group, with responsibility for the A and R profiles of the architecture. In previous roles in Arm, Martin has maintained the Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC) architecture, and for many years provided front-line support to partners.

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