LVC20-217 Open Source License Compliance with Yocto Project

Session Abstract

Open Source license compliance is a concern for any company which distributes systems containing the Linux kernel and other copyleft-licensed components. The Yocto Project, a widely used Embedded Linux toolkit including the OpenEmbedded build system, contains many tools to help companies achieve license compliance. Output from a Yocto Project build can also be fed into other license compliance software such as Fossology. In this talk Paul will explore these tools, address how best to configure & connect them and discuss current best practices. Paul will explore how modern programming languages such as Go, Javascript and Rust cause license compliance headaches due to their separate package managers and how to resolve these issues. He will show how to handle common concerns such as commercially licensed media codecs and GPLv3 licensed software components. He will also bring the audience up to date with the latest developments and ongoing work in this area of the Yocto Project.

This talk will cover technical best practices and available tools, it will not give legal advice.

Session Speakers

Paul Barker

Principal Engineer, Konsulko Group

Paul Barker has been an active member of the Yocto Project community since 2013. He has contributed to the project in many ways, including maintaining the opkg package manager during 2013-2015. More recent contributions have focused on Board Support Packages for several single board computers and core components such as the archiver. As a Principal Engineer at Konsulko Paul helps resolves technical challenges for clients in all areas of Embedded Linux development including the kernel, U-boot and Yocto Project. He is also the maintainer for the SanCloud BSP for Yocto Project and a contributor to the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project. Paul previously worked with several clients as the Pricipal Engineer of Beta Five Ltd and before that he was responsible for the development and maintenance of Linux support at CommAgility Ltd, a manufacturer of telecomms test equipment.<br /> <br /> Paul has previously spoken on the subject of license compliance at ELC Europe in 2019 and on the subject of Yocto Project best practices at the associated Yocto Project developer day. Paul has also spoken on the subject of opkg maintenance and Embedded Linux based underwater noise monitoring equipment at FOSDEM in 2014, as well as at several academic conferences on the subjects of underwater acoustics, noise monitoring equipment and data analysis.

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