LVC20-219 Arm Virtualization fireside chat and project Stratos

Session Abstract

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Virtualization fireside chat moderated by Mike Holmes Director of Engineering Foundational Technologies at Linaro featuring guests: Azzedine Touzni Sr. Director of Engineering at Qualcomm, Alex Bennée Sr. Software engineer at Linaro.

This fireside chat covers topics such as the current challenges in the virtualization domain, the state of virtualization on Arm, the end vision for Stratos, how to get involved, and more...

Session Speakers

Alex Bennée

Senior Software Engineer (Linaro)

Alex started learning to program in the 80s in an era of classic home computers that allowed you to get down and dirty at the system level. After graduating with a degree in Chemistry he's worked on a variety of projects including Fruit Machines, Line Cards, CCTV recorders and point-to-multipoint wireless microwave systems. Since the turn of the century his primary focus has been working with FLOSS platforms, especially Linux. For the last five years he's been working at Linaro helping improve QEMU's emulation features. A keen Emacs user he will happily answer questions and proselytise for the One True Editor (tm).

Azzedine Touzni

Sr. Director Technology (Qualcomm, Inc.)

Azzedine Touzni is a Senior Director of Technology at Qualcomm, Inc. in San Diego, CA. &nbsp;In recent years, his contributions have been focused on system software compute design, occupying a dual role of defining platform architecture and supporting commercial development. &nbsp;Focusing equally on hardware and software design, his primary role is to lead CPU/DSP/infrastructure technologies teams, as well as to define technology roadmaps.<br>Although his recent contributions have been primarily to the design of top-tier mobile phones, he has also contributed to the product definition of Internet of Things devices and heterogenous compute products. He pioneered the first 64-bit Android smart phone, as well as other technological breakthroughs in system-on-chip security and infrastructure.<br>Prior to joining Qualcomm, Azzedine worked on a wide range of IC products in technical leadership and management roles in both start-ups and large technology companies, leading world-class system algorithm, firmware, and software organizations. He was influential in the standardization of new modulation techniques for wide-band RF spectrum receivers adopted by the Advanced Television Systems Committee and the Federal Communications Commission. He also defined and designed one of the first heterogenous integrated application processors with wide-band receivers in the industry.<br>Azzedine was a Fellow at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, in the Electrical Engineering department. He was also affiliated with INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique) in Paris, France. &nbsp;He holds a Ph.D. in Statistical Estimation Theory from the UCP/CNRS UMR8051, Paris, France, and a master’s degree from the ENSEA (École Nationale Supérieure de l'Electronique et de ses Applications), Paris, France.<br>Azzedine has authored more than 40 papers and contributed to and co-authored technical books. He holds over 60 patents, primarily in signal processing and integrated system design.

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