LVC20-303 State of Big Data and Data Science on ARM

Session Abstract

From being called the 'new gold / oil', Big data technologies from its peak hype cycle have now matured as quintessential technology that powers many of today’s businesses and enterprises. Most companies have changed themselves from being data-generating to data-powered, making use of actionable data and business insights. Big data is not just one piece of technology (Hadoop or Spark), rather it is a huge ecosystem, an assembly line of technologies and processes. There has been an increase in focus on data science and machine learning as a logical next step of evolution of Big Data. Data Strategy governs the quality of the data which acts as a precursor to data science and machine learning.

In this talk, we will look at where ARM stands in regards to having big data systems running in production. We will look at various achievements in the last few years and also understand where we stand currently in the process of making ARM as the first class citizen. We will also cover some of the pain points we have faced and what is important to work on in the near future and beyond.

Please join if you would like to know the status of Linaro’s BDDS team and its roadmap.

Session Speakers

Ganesh Raju

Tech Lead, Big Data and Data Science Team (Linaro)

Contributor to Apache Bigtop and other big data projects<br /> Past TSC member of ODPi<br /> Vast implementation experience in Big Data technologies.<br /> Working as Tech Lead - Big Data at Linaro for past 5 years

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