LVC20-305 State of Big Data and Data Science on ARM

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    This talk will walk you through the Journey Linaro BDDS team has gone through in making ARM a first class citizen in Big Data and Data Science Ecosystem. We will cover what we have accomplished in porting and testing. We will cover what we are currently working on and we will highlight the tasks in our roadmap. We will provide updates on Bigtop project as well as updates on Big Data and Data science projects with CI setup on ARM hardware running in developer cloud.

    Session Speakers

    Ganesh Raju

    Tech Lead, Big Data and Data Science Team (Linaro)

    Contributor to Apache Bigtop and other big data projects<br /> Past TSC member of ODPi<br /> Vast implementation experience in Big Data technologies.<br /> Working as Tech Lead - Big Data at Linaro for past 5 years

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