LVC20-305 Secure Partition Manager (S-EL2 firmware) for Arm A-class devices

Session Abstract

This session is about Arm's Secure Partition Manager (SPM) for A-class devices. The SPM is the reference open-source S-EL2 firmware implementation for the recently introduced Armv8.4-SecEL2 / Secure EL2 virtualization extensions. It is based on Google's Hafnium hypervisor now transitioned to It leverages the Platform Security Architecture Firmware Framework for A-class (PSA FF-A) specification. The presentation deals with brief history and use cases, SPM architecture, project status and plans.

Session Speakers

Olivier Deprez

Principal Software Engineer (Arm)

Olivier has 17 years experience in low-level embedded software and security starting with OMAP Boot ROM development and validation at TI, connectivity and modem firmware development at Intel, to TEE OS development at Trustonic. He's now working for Arm's Open Source Software group in the Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) team.

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