LVC20-306 OpenAMP Community Project Update

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    The OpenAMP Linaro Community Project is focusing on standardizing aspects of embedded heterogeneous software through open source projects. OpenAMP currently has four working groups solving issues such as messaging (rpmsg and virtio), lifecycle management (remoteproc), configuration standardization (System Device Tree), application services, and common interfaces for hypervisors and AMP. This talk will give an update on what has taken place since the launch at Linaro Connect SAN19, the efforts going on within OpenAMP, future potential topics, and discuss how you can engage.

    Session Speakers

    Nathalie Chan King Choy

    Program Manager focused on Open Source and Community (Xilinx)

    Nathalie is a Computer Engineer who, upon discovering Project Management, realized she was born a Project Manager, looking back at childhood behavior. She loves the Community aspect of Open Source and thrives on helping Engineering teams collaborate more effectively.<br /> <br /> Nathalie worked on the launch of the OpenAMP Project as a Linaro Community Project in 2019 and on Xilinx's internal predecessor to the 96Boards Ultra96 development board. Before landing in the world of Open Source, she project managed the System-Level Verification & Characterization efforts for Xilinx's first SoC family, Zynq-7000, and did System-Level test and debug of embedded processor systems.

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